Garden Wedding of 300 Guests this Weekend!

Beautiful Garden Wedding Planned in Sudlersville

Catering by Jamie is catering a outside garden wedding in Sudlersville for a party of 300.  The catered wedding is buffet style.  photo courtesy of arabia weddings.comLet’s hope the weather forecasters are wrong about the weather this weekend, because we are catering an outside wedding in Sudlersville.  Think Positive – Think Warm!!!

This is going to be a large wedding of 300 guests outside on a beautifully landscaped lawn and garden area.  Catering by Jamie is catering a garden wedding in Sudlersville, MD of 300 guests.  The Wedding is going to be a catered buffet.  The Monkey Fruit Tree was a special request.

The bride and groom requested not one, but two Monkey Fruit Trees.  As the caterer, we will be serving Hors D’Oeuvres  and providing the buffet.  Hors D’Oeuvres will be sweet and sour meatballs and crab dip.  The buffet dinner is going to be Carved Turkey Breast, redskin mashed potatoes, glazed baby carrots and a fresh spring salad mix (grown locally).

Dessert is going to be delicious because Victor from the Scottish Highland’s Creamery will be providing it – Yum!

Hopefully, if all goes well, we will be able to post some pictures of the big event.  The holidays are fast approaching, so if you haven’t already, contact us today to secure our catering services for your holiday party.



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